Addicted to all things vintage?

Addicted to all things vintage?

The rise and rise of yesterday’s fashions and cultures.

Why vintage fashion? For me it’s simple, bust darts!! Maybe I need to expand on that slightly? I am a very curvy size 14 who has fought with ‘fashion’ and how to fit it on my body since waking up after having 2 children with someone else’s vital statistics!! I had always worn vintage clothes as a student (mostly hotpants and 70’s dresses) but had to re-examine how vintage fashion could work for me with my new generous curves. I love the fashion of the 40’s and 50’s and have been a life-long watcher of Agatha Christie films and dramas, never knowing who did it, but always mesmerised by the fashion. Having recently discovered a local vintage clothes store I tried on some dresses from these periods and OMG!! They are the most flattering, sexy dresses I have worn in my life!! Damn those girls knew how to dress, and the joy of it all? You need boobs and hips to wear them, yes girls, these dresses cry out for you to fill them. As I said I feel it is all about the darting, because these dresses were properly tailored they have darts in all the right places, meaning that they fit all the right places too. Of course Dita Von Teese I am not but vintage fashion and the rise in Burlesque does seem to be everywhere. And why wouldn’t it be? Ask anyone who the most glamorous women in history are and Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall et al would be high on peoples lists. Maybe it’s our kick back against the recession, when the world looks a bit gloomy, get out your red lipstick and carry on regardless. Another reason, as if we need anymore, is the recession busting price of these items, I recently bought a whole vintage outfit for a wedding for under 50 quid, hat included. I got more compliments for that outfit than I have ever had. Plus when I’ve done with it, I can sell it on because it’s vintage dahlink!!Beat that Primark!!


We can see another retrospective look over our shoulder when it comes to all things ‘Home-made’, not so long ago home-made was something to be avoided and perhaps meant you couldn’t afford ‘the real thing’. Knitting was hastily thrust behind the sofa when trendy friends came to call and the cushions I made out of my daughters little coats, buttons and all, were greeted with a look from some people, that would have had me sectioned immediately, for crimes against soft furnishings!! Now with the help of programmes like Kirsty’s home-made home, people are embracing individual quality items to fill their home with personality and joy. The House Doctor and Ikea told us to ‘chuck out our chintz’ me and Kirsty are advocatingfor us all chucking it back in (not that I ever got rid of mine, but then I never do what I’m told!).

These and many other personal reasons is what lead me to set up The Vintage Village Hall, we organise vintage/home-made fairs in local village halls and the response has been phenomenal. Purist vintage dealers sit cheek by jowl with old school crafts, who in turn watch fashion relevant crafting diva’s show how to make a funky corsages. All this in a shabby chic hall swathed with bunting and floral curtains and serviced by a pop-up vintage tea-room, selling giant slabs of home-made cake, served on vintage mismatched china to the tunes of The Andrews Sisters and Glen Miller. Up to 1,000 people can come through the doors of our events which tells me there are lots of people like me that like quality, stylish, unique items served with a piece of cake which hangs off the edge of your plate. Sounds divine doesn’t it – want to visit our next event? Find us on Facebook


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